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       That’s This site is closed... It wont be updated anymore either.... So just for u to know I was born in 1987... I wont update my age or anything either.. Sorry I love you!.   ^__^


     What do i look like?  Well I’m 20 years old, I’m about 5 foot 8 inches I weigh %$@& lbs.  I have brown eyes, and shoulder length brown hair.  That’s about me.... I guess I match up with a 100,000,000 more Americans, but no one is quite like me.  I'm 1 in a million, anyway. 


     College baby!  Thats where i am!  when i started this site i was in high school, but i'm moving up in the work! Tulsa, Ok. yay!


Why do i love japanese?   


  Why do I love Japanese?  It all started when I learned about the word "Anime" I had watched it before with out even knowing it.  I watched Pokemon, Dragonball z, and digimon.  I didn't even know they were Japanese...  After that I wondered about anime, I was introduced to some anime by my best friend Senpai, or Amanda.  I use to go over her house all the time to watch anime. We watched it in Japanese a lot too.


     Senpai knew a lot of Japanese.  I wanted to know what they were really talking about in an anime.  The subtitles can only go so far.  In a language a word can much more meaning in Japanese, but when translated to English it loses its depth.  My first Japanese word ever was, "Doushite" meaning "why" it was from an anime that I wont go into. ^__^;;;;  A character kept saying that... tee hee it was shuichi, shhh don't tell.  Of course I didn't know how to spell it... when I IMed senpai I spelt it "dosday" lol!!!!! she got mad and told me I had to type it right or else... hehe I love her so much.... No, I do!  Well my next word was "hai" meaning "yes" formally. 


      I guess I was very immature about my Japanese a long time ago, I thought I knew a lot, but now I know so much... and it just shows me how much I don't know.. it's a sign that’s your growing, if you can relies that you don't know everything.  I often spelt things wrong and spoke it wrong as well, but I never gave up!  I would chase after any Japanese person I could find to learn more, or to try out my Japanese.  My heart desperately wanted someone to talk to.  Now a day’s senpai hates the Japanese languages she says it brings back bad memories... So I really didn't have anyone to talk to... there aren’t many Japanese people where I live...


     I learned Japanese on my own... No teacher, no help... Only what anime could supply.  Watching anime in Japanese got me use to the word order, pronunciation, and the flow of the language.  Don't get me wrong I did research, a lot... I even have my very own translation sheet.. maybe about 20 pages long...  I had a few books, but I didn't use them much.  I'm not quite sure how I learned... I guess it just happed.  like magic!!!! not.... It wasn't easy...  I did work hard.  When I watched anime and I heard a word I liked, id always listen for that word, I’d try to hear the context.  After I learned a bunch of words, id watch an anime I haven’t seen in a while... I would be amazed in the Japanese I could pick out now that I didn't see before.  This is a great way to learn.  Never stick to one anime to learn Japanese...  All anime uses similar yet different Japanese... Formal and informal depends on the anime and characters. but that’s not all. 


      Some words I couldn't figure out on a translator.. the sub definition was off so I couldn't find the real meaning...  One hard word was "Dame" it means "bad or no good".  That’s not what the subs said...  Also it has a deeper meaning, but only by studying a person can find out the true mystery of any language.  wow... I wrote a lot huh... I could Wright a lot more too... I bet no one reads this anyway... My heart could go on and on... but I don't want to make anyone fall asleep...    


   I like a lot of anime, although i have to say i'm a "naru-tard", yes i love Naruto.  However only the Japanese version.

     I like a lot of music too. A lot of anime music in Japanese, but I also like American music as well.  Linkin park is a good artist, yet there are songs I wont listen to.  But there are a few I really love like "My December".  I tend to like love songs as well, like "You'll me in my heart", "True colors", and "At the beginning" M2M is good as well.