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      In Japan it's always good to be as formal as possible with people you don't know. On the other hand you will have friends that you can relax with, so I will tell you formal and informal greetings.

Good morning!  - Ohayou Gozaimasu! 
Oh-hah-yoh  Goh-zah-ee- mah-soo
This is formal, informal is just "Ohayou
Good afternoon! - Konnichiwa  Koh-nn-nee-chee-wah
(no informal)
Many americans think this phrase means "hi", but thats wrong.
Good evening! - Konbanwa!  Koh-n--bah-n-wah
(no informal)
Good night! - Oyasumi nasai - Oh-yah-soo-mee  Nah-sah-ee
just "Oyasumi" is informal

There, now you can greet someone at any hour!


Nice to meet you - Hajimemashite  
(for the first time) Hajime means "first, or beginning"
Please treat me favorably  - 
Douzo  Yoroshiku  Onegaishimasu
Dooh-zoh  yoh-roh-she-koo 
what is your name? -  Onamae wa nan desu ka?
oh-nah-mah-eh  wah nah-n  deh-soo  kah
namae- name  nan- what   ka- indicates a question
 My name is ______ -
 Watashi no namae wa _______ desu.
Wa-tah-she- no nah-mah-eh
wah ______ deh-soo
watashi no - my   desu - is
How are you? - Ogenki desu ka?
Oh-geh-n-kee  deh-soo kah
Genki - energy, or health
when responing you can say:
Watashi wa genki desu -
wah-tah-she wah -geh-n-kee deh-soo
which is: i am doing well
Watashi - I
Watashi wa genki nai desu - I'm not doing well