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I’Here we go! Grammar!!! Scary word huh? Sorry... ^_- Simple word order is: Subject - object - verb English word order: I love you Japanese word order: I you love Particles!!! What are particles? The dust in the air! duh... !no no no! =^_^= Don’t fool around I’m teaching here! :D Particles are the small little Japanese words that link words together and make a sentence make sense. Wa, ga, no, na, to Hehe, these are the only ones I know well... Don't worry these are the ones most commonly used! Understanding these particles will help you form sentences. Wa The best way to tell you how it works is to show you! Remember when i was telling you how to introduce yourself? In "greetings and introductions" I used "wa" Watashi wa ____ desu how about lets say Watashi wa sarah desu. This means, " I am Sarah" The "wa" is "is/am" in this sentence. This definition isn't always correct, but it will help you. People say "wa" is a "topic maker", but that isn't very clear. Also when asking a persons name; Onamae wa nan desu ka? In this sense it is used as in "is" Another example: Watashi wa sarah suki ga desu It means, "I like Sarah" When a person is going something they always use "wa" In this case it is "liking" These three examples are the best I can come up with, i will continue using "wa" through out the site, it will become clear within different sentences.



I’m not very clear on the meaning of "ga" but I can show you it in context so you can come to a conclusion.


Watashi no mimi ga itai desu- my ear hurts


"ga" indicates that the ear hurts.  If the word was  "wa" instead of "ga" it would mean "I’m hurting my ear"





This word is easy, is shows possession, or to link two words.


Watashi no neko desu - my cat

watashi- i

watashi no - my

neko - cat


This shows that i own the cat.


neko no hon desu - a book about cats

hon- book


The work "neko" describes what kind of book it is.


adjative + no + object


"To" is very easy it simply means "and" in a sentence.  although it is used more often than the english word "and"
"Watshi no okaason to otousan"
(My mom and dad.)
"to" can be used many many times in a sentence with out a problem, yet in english too many
"ands" are not permitted, and annoying"
Watashi wa okaasan to otousan to sakura chan to syaoran kun o isshou ni ikimasu.
I'm going with mom, dad, sakura and syaoran.

"mo" means "also/aswell/too"
Watashi wa neko desu- I am a cat
Watashi mo neko desu- I am also a cat
Only use "mo" after some one states a fact, and if it's true for you aswell then you can use
 the word "mo" as the particle.


If it seems two particals can go in the same place or next to each other,

 you can only use one.

"wa", "ga", and "mo" seem to be used in the same place, however you can only use them one at a time.


Watashi wa mo neko- i am a cat also

This is wrong.