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There are three levels of ninja.  The lowest rank is the Genin which consisted of the young adult stage.  Chunin were the senior ninja which employed the Genin with small missions, and guided them.  The highest rank was the Jounin, these specialty ninja’s identity we always kept in secret even from the Chunin; this was to protect the secrets of the clan.  The Jounin would give orders to the Chunin and keep missions in order.

Training in the ways of the ninja always started at a young age.  The training was often portrayed as fun games like “practicing balancing tumbles, climbing, and running”. As their skills grew and they became older, they would learn more specific techniques of unarmed and armed combat and such.  Finally when they have reached adulthood, ninja would learn the trademark skills: Stealth, Espionage, Human Anatomy and Spiritualism

 “He is wet with the rain, and does not flinch.” Ninja withstand nature without fear or flinching. Ninja were known as experts at infiltrating castles. With their stealthy skills, they could obtain secret information, sabotage enemy supplies, or steal food and weapons”. “The life of a ninja and their training they under went was very tough and by today’s standard beyond anything you could dream. The only place where you  would receive such harsh training was if you were to join the militaries  secret services”

Ninja were very dedicated to their beliefs; they trained from a very young age, working diligently to become strong and sly.  Today’s concept of ninja disregards the hard work and devotion of a true ninja.  The work a ninja did was more than anyone could imagine.  Ninja are tools and soldiers of war; they kill and carry out missions in that name, although “Some modern practitioners of budo ninjutsu argue that ninja were used primarily as spies, not assassins”

Ninja are of ancient Japan, and can hardly be compared to today’s standards; however no one would blame an American soldier for carrying out a mission they had been assigned by their commanding officer, even if it meant killing a man.  A clerk at one library recently said, “I thought that ninjas were the bad guys”.  This statement proves that many people don’t think highly of the ninja.  Ninja aren’t bad; they just had their own style in completing missions.

The techniques of ninja are classified as ninjutsu.  Everything of mystery, secret, illusion, and deception is part of ninjutsu.  Hidden blades, the ability to climb walls, walk on water and seemingly disappear are techniques a ninja carries out by using ninjutsu.  Ninjutsu is perceived to be supernatural, because of the astonishing aspects of it.  Ninjutsu aids ninja in assassination, espionage, manipulation, survival, sabotage and reconnoitering. “The fundamental nature of Ninjutsu was in fact methods of infiltration into unfriendly, often hostile territory”.  Ninjutsu can’t be considered martial arts because of the spiritual part of it; “The development of spiritual enlightenment, harmony with the elements, and a understanding of the universal laws”

The ninja tools are unique.  “It included specially designed floats that attached to the feet and allowed a ninja to literally walk across water”; Because of these shoes, myths of ninja walking on water were born.  Ninja also used small metal claw-like tools; attaching them on their feet or holding them, allowed a ninja an advantage in close combat or the ability to climb walls.  A sword was also a common weapon of a ninja; however it was shorter than a samurai’s sword.  The length was perfect for easy containment and for fluid movements.  A shuriken, also known as a throwing star, is one of the most well known tools of a ninja. However contrary to popular belief, a shuriken was never intended to be thrown nor kill a person; only to disarm or distract an opponent.

Despite the common idea of ninja only wearing black, ninja typically wore brown or blue colors, to blend with farmers and peasants. If a ninja were to wear black all the time it would a raise suspicion.  However black was worn at night to further conceal themselves during a nocturnal mission.