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I'm going to tell use some helpful things here.

I'm sure everyone know the work "san" right?
As for me my name is Sarah so people call me Sarah san.
You must never say that after your name when you are introducing yourself. 
If you say: Watshi wa sarah san desu.
You will be thought of as an arrogant prideful person.
You may call other people "..... san" but not yourself.
"san" is a word of respect, you use it to respect the person your addressing.


These are suffixes used after a persons name.


This is a word of the highest respect.  You use this with very important people.  Also a maid may use this term to the people she works for.


This word is traditionally know as the word "teacher", and it is, however you also use this word for doctors, or anyone else who is skilled in their profession.


This word is the most common suffix. "Mrs/Mr" >_<

You use it with anyone older than you, strangers, and anyone you want to show respect to.


This word is used for upperclassman. Anyone who is a grade or more higher than you, you can use "Senpai". 



This word can be used toward girls and boys.

First, the word is commonly used toward boys in your same class, or boys that are younger than you.

Second, Teachers and such may use this suffix after their students name regardless if it's a boy or girl. 

          Chan  -^_^-

This suffix is generally said by children or to children, but highschool girls also call their "girl" friends with this suffix too.   It could also be used toward boys but it's generally                used with a cute nick name.

 Also it can be used with a pet's name.